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Transcriptions #24: Prayer Book

Prayer: Includes prayers from the
first 23 paintings in this series

Transcriptions Series
Although this is number 24 in the series, it actually was the first painting and the inspiration for what has become the Transcriptions Series. Four years ago, while I was focused on gratitude and creating and promoting The Gratitude Habit journal, I had an idea for a new series which would include books on canvas.

Originally, I painted a 24" x 24" canvas and began to play with placing a handmade book against the background. I got as far as painting the book and sewing it onto the canvas. It has been hanging in the studio ever since, waiting for me to be ready to complete it.

Finally, after completing 23 Transcriptions, I was able to continue developing this canvas. I started slowly by scattering the letters of the Ancient Phoenician alphabet throughout the surface, in pencil. Little by little, I placed the prayers and mantras used in all the prior paintings within the book and around t…

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