Journal #4 - Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal - Here's a journal that can be used in just minutes a day and provide much benefit through the process. There is always something to be thankful for, everyday.

Similar to the Positive Thoughts Journal, the Gratitude Journal encourages positive thinking. But in this case you are giving thanks for all the gifts that fill your life; the people you love and the many things or activities that bring you joy. Thanksgiving is more than a holiday that comes once a year. The process of giving thanks can be something to be conscious of each and every day. It seems that the more we are grateful for all that we have in our lives, the more we attract things we can be grateful for.

Gratitude journals can be used at any time of day. When are you most likely to be able to utilize your journal on a regular basis? What time of day would provide you with the greatest benefits? By writing in the morning, you can infuse positive energy into your day. Write your thankful thoughts at the end of day, and go to sleep with a smile in your heart. Who knows, you may even get a more peaceful nights sleep. For those who would like to give their day a boost, consider writing your gratitudes in the middle of the day. You may choose to write in your journal once a day, or multiple times throughout the day. Either way, you are likely to experience a greater feeling of well-being.

It's simple and quick to write a list of things you are thankful for each day. Plan to list 3 or more things in your entries. If you find you have more than just a few minutes, you might choose to write in paragraph form, going more into depth on the things you are grateful for.

And if you are looking for a gratitude journal with space provided for daily entries along with prompts, activities and exercises, check out The Gratitude Habit: A 365 Day Journal and Workbook.


  1. Thank you for informative & really needed post about Gratitude Journal.Your positive thoughts gave me positive energy.


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