A Gratitude Jar

A couple of months ago I placed a glass vase on the dining room table for us to fill with gratitude. 

I awoke early one morning with an urge to have a glass vase or jar filled with colorful strips of paper to express our gratitude. I became so excited about this idea that I jumped out of bed, cleaned and reorganized the table, and cut strips of scrap paper in several colors. I placed the strips in a tall blue glass with a pen and found a large vase to act as the gratitude receptacle. And I immediately took a strip of orange paper and wrote a statement of appreciation that was springing from my heart in that moment. 

My family was pleased with the new addition to our family table. I love the shared aspect of the “gratitude jar,” and the colorful visual reminder to express gratitude each day. Once it is full, we will have a choice as to what we want to do with the contents…we could burn them and release them, we could read them out loud as a family, or we could just recycle the paper. We might want to use the vase periodically, or begin to fill it up again right away. Whatever we decide to do then, for now, it’s presence brings extra smiles and happiness to our home. I am thankful for the simple gifts of the “Gratitude Jar.”

One day, I left this visible note in the jar for
my family to see when they returned home.


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