Smell the Flowers

You’ve most likely heard the line…”wake up and smell the flowers.” Well, I decided to spend some time thinking about that statement. I thought about how this metaphor, for taking time to experience the beauty of our surroundings, relates to gratitude.

 In each and every moment, we have the opportunity to shift our perception from the treadmill of life pulling us in, to pause and sense the beauty of the outer world. The visual I get from that statement is a city block with many people rushing by each day to catch trains and cabs, get to meetings, pick up kids by a certain time, while a colorful patch of flowers sits beside the sidewalk unappreciated. How much of the beauty of life is masked by our busyness. Life is quite the sensory experience if we pause to listen, see, feel, taste and sniff. Appreciation is like that heavenly scent of a sweet smelling flower. When we take time to experience our gratitude, it brings us into the present rather than continuing on automatic pilot. A pause for appreciation brings us into the here and now and we can receive the gifts of the moment. 

There are many little miracles woven into our daily lives. We become so accustomed to their presence that without realizing it we have begun to take them for granted. It is so easy for us to turn on music through a number of different gadgets. We can keep in touch with our friends and family at any time and from anywhere. We have running water, electricity, windows that let in light from the outside, and the convenience of our remote controls and working cars. Each day, we witness miracles and beauty in our environment whether we notice it or not. So, this is a reminder to "smell the flowers" and appreciate the little things in life today. 

Smell the flowers, experience the moment. 


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