30 Days of Gratitude Photos - In Review

Still Smiling

It was a week ago that I completed the 30 Days of Gratitude Project...and I am still SMILING!!

I've done many gratitude exercises and challenges over the past 15 months, but although all of them had that "feel good effect," none of them filled me with as much joy and delight as this one. Maybe it's because I spent time with a camera and my photos, something I truly love. Maybe the time it took to focus on the photos and the daily writing, here at the Shared Easel Blog, enriched the gratitude experience. Or maybe the experience of this rich gratitude challenge had the effect of building up over time, leaving me happier and more joyful each day.

And now, one week later, the inner glow and outer smile are still with me. I am still carrying my camera around wherever I go...I am filled with an excitement for the possibilities and opportunities that each day brings..And for this I am filled with gratitude.


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