Transcriptions #8: HaTorah

HaTorah 16" x 20"
Transcriptions #8

Prayer: HaTorah
Transcriptions Series

The focus of this painting is on the blessing recited before a Torah reading (the strip of canvas cloth on the right side of the painting) and the blessing recited after the completion of a Torah reading (the canvas cloth on the left side).

These prayers are recited by the person who has the honor of being called up to stand before the Torah scroll during the reading of a portion of the Torah. This is called an Aliyah.

Transcriptions #8
In Process

The handmade book at the top of the painting displays both of these prayers in Hebrew along with the English transliteration. As a kid, and to this day, I have loved the sing-song-y nature of this pair of blessings.

Transcriptions #8: In Process
Before the final layer of color

As this series has developed, I've been using oil pastels to add a final coat of color, after all the pieces are attached. I love the addition of that extra vibrancy that the pastels bring to the paintings. Also, it brings me back to my roots of painting with oils, even if it's only for a little bit. I love spreading the color around with a brush coated with turpentine. It certainly is an enjoyable part of the process of creating these paintings.


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