Transcriptions #11: So Hum

So Hum 14" x 18"
Transcriptions #11

Prayer: So Hum
Transcriptions Series

I loved working on this painting! I had loads of fun creating with the lines of text and playing with the colors. I felt a deep peace as I worked on this canvas.

The So Hum mantra symbolizes our oneness with the Universe, the constant support available to
each and every one of us, and our connection to the Infinite Source. We are all connected.

“I am one with the Universe
and all of creation.”

Canvas Cloth Layer in Process
Transcriptions #11

When translated from Sanskrit, So Hum means “I am that” (so = “I am” and hum = “that”). It is referred to as "the breath of life" and reflects the sound of the breath. “So Hum” can be used in meditation by having your mind recite the phrase:

“Sooooo…” when inhaling.
And “Hummmmm” when exhaling.

So Hum
In Process

There are two scrolls tucked into the folds of the canvas cloth. Hidden within these scrolls is much of the text found above on this post.

I had the above YouTube video playing while I painted the So Hum canvas. I felt so much peace with the sounds of the So Hum chant in the background as I experienced the creative flow. In addition, during that period, I found myself chanting this in my mind as soon as I awoke in the morning and before I fell asleep at night. 

My new business cards were designed with
 the image of the So Hum painting

This painting is available for purchase at my website.


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