Transcriptions #12: Lokah Samastah

Lokah Samastah 12" x 12"
Transcriptions Series #12

Prayer: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

I love the sound of this mantra, the sound of the chanted words, and the meaning behind them. The first painting in the Transcriptions series focused on Lokah Samastah. Now, after completing the 11th painting, I wanted to return to this beautiful prayer.

"May all beings be happy.
May all my thoughts, words
and actions contribute in
some way to the happiness
of all beings."

Painted background with a layer of
thin textured paper on top.

Some of the text included on the attached book:

•    Lokah – The location of all universes existing now.
•    Samastah – All beings living in this location.
•    Sukhino – Centered in happiness, joy and free from all suffering.
•    Bhav – The divine state of union.
•    Antu – May it be so.

The above YouTube video is a version of Lokah Samastah performed by Jane Winthers.


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