Transcriptions #9: Peace

Peace 12" x 12"
Transcriptions #9

Prayer: Peace
Transcriptions Series

I knew when I was working on Transcriptions #6 that I was going to to be revisiting the Western Wall in other paintings. With #9 I am getting to play with the concept of stuffing prayers into spaces within the canvas to represent the cracks in the wall.

As in the first painting of the wall, I textured the back canvas with sand and textured paper before painting it.

In Process

When thinking of the wall, I wanted to choose a prayer that people from all around the world would have in common... Prayers for Peace.

I cut the painted canvas cloth to create an opening in which to insert the small scroll-like papers, half in and half out. Besides gluing them in place, I sewed the opening shut to keep the "prayers of peace" secure.

In Process

This is not the last of the Western Wall paintings. I feel as if I can do an entire series within the Transcriptions Series just on the concept of this awesome site that attracts so many people to come and pray.


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