Transcription #17: Om Shanti

Om Shanti 12" x 12"
Transcriptions #17

Prayer: Om Shanti
Transcriptions Series

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti is a peace mantra. Om is the primordial sound of the universe. Shanti means peace or bliss and is generally repeated three times to represent the whole being... the body, the mind, and the speech.

This is one of several "Peace Paintings" in the Transcriptions Series. We can always use more prayers of peace going out into the world.

Transcriptions #17
In Process - Background Canvas

My goal in working on this painting was to use the more vibrant colors of purple, teal, and turquoise. While shaping the canvas cloth, I played with the idea of cutting strips in the piece to let the background show through.

Transcriptions #17
In Process

Although I didn't make the cuts I had envisioned (saving that idea for a future painting), I did end up cutting a wide rectangle on top, for the Sanskrit text to show through from the back canvas.

Transcriptions #17
In Process - unattached layout

The following YouTube video is the Om Shanti chant I listened to while working on this canvas.


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