Transcriptions #20: So Hum Simplicity

So Hum 18" x 18"
Transcriptions #20

Prayer: So Hum
Transcriptions Series

I love this painting! I love its simplicity. The painting was conceived while working on Transcriptions #18. I had just painted one of the three layers of the cloth book when I snatched it away and placed the cloth on a blank canvas laying nearby. I imagined a line created on the back canvas that would be continued with text on the painted cloth. I was so excited with this visual.

Transcriptions #20
In Process

I creating that line by separating the background into two colors coming together at the point I wanted. The Sanskrit text on the cloth ended up larger than what I had originally imagined and I also decided to add a thin strip of text to sit along the color line. So Hum is repeated as a reference to the silent chant of this mantra.

When used in meditation, “Sooooo…” is said by the mind when inhaling and “Hummmmm” when exhaling.

Transcriptions #20
In Process

The addition of the three little books completes the painting with a very simple touch of text... So Hum appears once in the right bottom corner of each.

The So Hum mantra symbolizes our oneness with the Universe, the constant support available to
each and every one of us, and our connection to the Infinite Source. We are all connected. In translation, it means: "I Am That."


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