Thursday, November 16, 2017

Transcriptions #21: Gratitude Library

Gratitude Library 12" x 24"
Transcriptions #21

Prayer: Gratitude
Transcriptions Series

For years, I have spent much of my time focusing on gratitude, with 2 published gratitude journals, The Gratitude Habit blog, and Facebook page. So, of course I wanted to create at least one painting in the Transcriptions Series with words of gratitude. Gratitude is universally embraced by cultures and religions around the world and has been since ancient times.

I searched for prayers of thanks and collected the words used to express gratitude in many languages. There are close to 30 languages incorporated within this painting.

A 12" x 24' canvas was chosen because I loved working with that particular size when creating Transcriptions #6.

Transcriptions #21
In Process with Textured Background

I was struck by the idea of cutting several slits in the canvas cloth. I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to create the strands of threads (the "tassels") within the cloth rather than just at the sides. It worked out even better than I had expected. The surprise element was in the way each strip of cloth folded up at the bottom corners, in unison.

Transcriptions #21
In Process

Transcriptions #21

So, the decision on what to do with the open spaces, left by each of the folds, sparked a creative challenge. Tiny books became the solution and were inserted between 4 of the 5 folds. Each one displays a translation for gratitude in a different language.

Transcriptions #21

One of the influences for the look and feel of this painting is from the papyrus plan for the Tomb of Ramesses IV, in Turin's Egyptian Museum.

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